Tabulation of Expenses (Time)

24 hours in a day
x 7 days/week=
168 hours/week
x 16 weeks/semester=
2688 hours/per semester
x 2 semesters =
5376 hours total waking and sleeping hours
(fall and spring semesters)

2,681.5 hours of labor =         x       x = 49.879%
5,376 hours total                    100

During the fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters, 49.879% of my waking and sleeping time was spent conducting research, working on coursework, upholding my assistantship, and completing funding applications (excluding time spent traveling to and from New York; eating, sleeping, socializing, and conducting other day-to-day tasks).


1 thought on “Tabulation of Expenses (Time)”

  1. […] For the past 1,355 days, I have earned my living as a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Art History. Coinciding with my assistantship, I have received full financial support and travel grants to pursue my MA and PhD. When my teaching assistantship concludes on May 20, 2017, I will have spent 1,374 days engaging in and contributing to art historical discourse; from this, 278 days constitute PhD research. In effort to make sense of this journey and to work through my overwhelming anxiety about my being jobless, I began questioning the ways I might be able to instantiate some predictability and order in one of the most significant parts of my life: my dissertation research. From this idea, I created 49’53” (hommage à John Cage), a video capturing me manually scrolling through in succession every document that I procured from the Museum of Modern Art and the Jewish Museum. Ancillary to 49’53” is a table of calculations of my income, grant and scholarship money, and expenses incurred during my archival research, entitled Tabulation of Expenses (Material and Immaterial) and Tabulation of Expenses (Time). […]


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