Terms and Definitions

art n.1
I. Skill; its display, application or expression.
1. Skill in doing something, esp. as the result of knowledge or practice.
2. Skill in the practical application of the principles of a particular field of knowledge or learning; technical skill.
3. As a count noun.
a. A practical application of knowledge; (hence) something which can be achieved or understood by the employment of skill and knowledge;
b. A practical pursuit or trade of a skilled nature, a craft; an activity that can be achieved or mastered by the application of specialist skills; (also) any one of the useful arts.

artist n.
I. A person skilled in a practical art.
1.a. A person who pursues a craft or trade; a craftperson, an artisan.
A person skilled in a learned art
III. A person skilled in any of the fine arts; (now more generally) a person who practices any creative art in which accomplished execution is informed by imagination.

art historian n. a student of or expert in art history.

research n. 
1. The act of searching carefully for or pursing a specified thing or person; an instance of this.
2. Systematic investigation or inquiry aimed at contributing to knowledge of a theory, topic, etc., by careful consideration, observation, or study of a subject. In later use also: original critical or scientific investigation carried out under the auspices of an academic or other institution.
b. Investigation undertaken in order to obtain material for a book, article, thesis, etc.; an instance of this.
c. The product of systematic investigation, presented in written (esp. published) form.
3. As an attribute of a person: the ability or inclination to carry out scholarly investigation; learning, academic achievement.
4. Music. An introductory passage, played on a piano or organ, which establishes the theme, harmony, etc. of the main piece. Obs. rare. 

Oxford English Dictionary Online, 2016. 


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